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Antenatal DNA Testing

The DNA paternity test for pregnant women

Being pregnant and then not knowing who the father is could be quite daunting. A DNA paternity test can be performed on a sample, taken from the foetus and results obtained within just a few days (this sample is taken by medical specialist in the first trimester of pregnancy).

For many people however, getting a DNA test is more about peace of mind. And for that, there’s no need to book an appointment or take a supervised test.

Who is this test for?

Pregnant mothers who want to clarify who the father of their foetus is. This test is normally performed in the first trimester of pregnancy.


How do you get samples from the foetus?

A small sample of fluid surrounding the foetus (the amniotic fluid) or cells from the placenta surface (known as chorionic villus sampling or CVS) are taken by the specialist.

Are there any risks with antenatal DNA testing?

Regular DNA paternity testing is perfectly safe. There is however a small risk of miscarriage or foetal abnormality when collecting the amniocentesis or CVS. We advise you to discuss the implications of a DNA test involving these procedures with your specialist before ordering the test.

How much does an antenatal DNA test cost?

Prices vary according to individual circumstances. Please contact us for a quote.

How to organise an antenatal DNA test?


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