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Legal Paternity DNA Testing

DNA testing that will stand up in court

When you need official DNA results to support a claim in court or help resolve a dispute, you need a legal DNA test from Genetic Technologies.

Legal vs Non-Legal. What's the difference?


To our laboratory there is none. All samples are tested to the same exacting standards. However, as legal tests are required by law to comply with the Australian Family Law Act, there are stricter conditions concerning sample collection. Samples must be tracked all the way from the collection centre to our laboratory if they are to be admissible as evidence in a court room.

We will co-ordinate the entire process for you and will handle all of the administration and paperwork too.

More on why you should choose a Genetic Technologies DNA test

Who is this test for?

Anyone who might need to:

Where can the samples for the test be taken?

Samples for legal tests must be taken at one of our nationwide collection centres.

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