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Sibling DNA Testing

Using DNA to confirm your sibling relationships

While some siblings share obvious similar traits, others inherit very different characteristics from their parents and appear to have little or nothing in common. If you are looking to confirm your sibship, there are tests we can perform to determine the likelihood of two individuals having one or both parents in common.

Who is this test for?


What can the test tell?

The test will generally tell whether the samples belong to full siblings (siblings who share two biological parents), half siblings (where there is one parent in common) or two individuals with no biological relationship at all.

Can the test still be performed without a sample from the parent?

Where you aren't able to supply a sample from the parent, we have other methods of identifying siblings, including X and Y Chromosome testing.

However, there are limitations to this type of DNA testing. Without a sample from the parent, it is not possible to definitively exclude a sibling relationship between two individuals. We always recommend that wherever possible, a sample from a parent is submitted for testing together with the two sibling samples.

Read more about the limitations of sibling DNA test


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